11 New Minutes of Spider-Man No Way Home Footage

11 New Minutes of Spider-Man No Way Home Footage Delights Twitter

Spiderman: No Way Home hits theatres with 11 minutes of unseen footage in the U.S., Canada, and India on September 2nd, 2022. No Way Home is the third film in the Tom Holland Spider-Man franchise.

It’s the third highest-grossing film ever, with Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Force Awakens securing the top two spots. A year ago today, Marvel fans were excitedly tweeting speculation about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s return to the big screen with the teaser trailer to Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tweeter @Nicolas68859166 reminded us, “The hype train for Spider-Man: No Way Home began on this day one year ago today! I really miss seeing people asking Sony when the trailers will be coming and speculating whether or not Tobey and Andrew would appear in the film.”

Now that the fandom knows what’s up, people are dying to see the extra eleven minutes. So Marvel released a tease of never before seen footage showing Andrew Garfield saying, “We should do this again,” with Maguire laughing and responding, “You got it.”  AND Twitter is exploding with Spidey excitement again, “Come on, Peter Tingle!”

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Notably, @Spider_Culture accessed, “#SpiderManNoWayHome really changed people’s perception of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.” 

Some fans are already purchasing front-row seats for the re-release. User @DrewHarshman boasted, “I just scored my tickets for the No Way Home extended cut, and I am pumped to see the new footage. #NoWayHome #SpiderManNoWayHome.”

However, not all fans are jumping for joy. Tweeter @CAradalorian14 expressed, “To be honest, I would never pay to watch ‘only’ 11 minutes of extra footage.”

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Still, some think Marvel is only re-releasing Spiderman: No Way Home because Top Gun: Maverick recently surpassed Avengers: Infinity War and claimed the title of the sixth highest-grossing film of all time.  We can neither deny nor confirm that allegation.

Without a doubt, the Marvel fandom has split on projects, including Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. However, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and the Scarlett Witch dominate Marvel’s phase four thus far.

Tweeter @SpideyScarletUA noted,  “Looking at the huge success of #WandaVision, #SpiderManNoWayHome, and #MultiverseOfMadness, I think it’s pretty obvious, and I hope Feige/Marvel/Sony are paying attention: #SpiderMan, #ScarletWitch, & #DoctorStrange are the new “Big 3″. They are carrying Phase 4 and beyond.”

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