11 Tips to Save Even More Money on Amazon Prime Day

First introduced in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th year in business, Amazon Prime Day has become a much-anticipated annual shopping event. Spanning two days, it offers deep discounts on thousands of products in Amazon’s marketplace.

Although Amazon keeps the exact dates under wraps until shortly before Prime Day begins, this sale event typically kicks off during the summer. In 2021, it took place on June 21 and 22.

Whether you’re looking to buy some new tech or get your holiday shopping done early, these tips to save on Amazon Prime Day can help you get more for less.

11 Tips to Save More Money on Amazon Prime Day

While any Amazon Prime member can enjoy discounts on Prime Day, there are some savvy steps you can take to save even more money. Here are some ways to prepare before Amazon Prime Day is upon you.

1. Become a Prime Member

First and foremost, you must be an Amazon Prime member to participate in this sale. Along with becoming eligible for Prime Day, a membership will score you fast, free shipping on various items in the marketplace. You can often choose one-day or two-day delivery, and customers can even access same-day delivery in some locations.

Plus, a Prime membership opens the door to other benefits, such as access to Amazon video, music, and gaming, unlimited photo storage, and Rx discounts on prescription medications.

You can sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, after which you’ll pay $14.99 per month or $139 per year. Alternatively, you can share a Prime Household account, which can contain up to two adults, four teens, and four children.

You can also get a discount if you’re a student or if you qualify for government assistance:

  • Student: $7.49 per month
  • Qualified government assistance: $6.99 per month

If you only want to join Prime to shop on Prime Day, you can also sign up for the free trial and cancel it before you get charged.

2. Shop Early

Although Prime Day technically spans 48 hours, you might see some deals pop up early. Keep an eye on your Amazon account in the week leading up to Prime Day, since you’ll likely see some early-bird discounts.

You might see these promotions in the top banner of your home screen, or you could scroll down the page for additional recommendations. Rather than waiting until Prime Day officially kicks off, it’s worth checking your account for some early deals.

3. Add Items to Your Wishlist

If you have your sights set on specific items, add them to your Amazon wishlist before Prime Day starts. That way, you can check prices quickly and set up notifications that will alert you if those items go on sale.

To set up notifications in your browser, download the Amazon Assistant browser extension. Not only can you set up notifications in the extension’s settings, but you can also use it to compare product reviews and add products from other stores to your Amazon cart.

Note that some of the best deals on Prime Day tend to be home appliances, such as air fryers and vacuums, and Amazon tech, such as Alexa, Ring, and Echo.

4. Download the Amazon App

Products can sell out quickly on Amazon Prime Day, so you want to stay on top of deals. The best way to stay informed is to download the free Amazon mobile app on your phone. Just as you can set up notifications on your browser with Amazon Assistant, you can also set up notifications to your phone through the Amazon app.

For Prime Day deals with a blue badge, you can tap “Watch this deal” to get a special alert when the price drops. After adding the freshly discounted item to your cart, you have 15 minutes to finish your purchase.

Once you’re done shopping, you can also use the app to track shipping or chat with customer service.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Lightning Deals

Another way to save money on Amazon Prime Day is to look for Lightning Deals. These are short-lived discounts that typically only last for a few hours.

You’ll see a timer ticking down next to the item, and there might only be a limited number of items available at that special price. You’ll no longer be able to access the deal once the items sell out or the timer runs out (whichever happens first).

You can monitor Lightning Deals on the Amazon Prime Day page. Outside of this annual sale, you can also find these special, short-term deals on the “Today’s Deals” page in your account.

6. Ask Alexa

If you have an Amazon Alexa device, it might be able to hook you up with exclusive deals. In past years, Amazon has offered special sales that can’t be found anywhere else except for through an Alexa device. Therefore, during the two-day event, it’s worth asking, “Alexa, what are my Prime Day deals?” to see if you get some special offers.

7. Clip Amazon Coupons

Check out the Amazon Coupons page. You can find and clip digital coupons in various categories, from electronics to pet supplies to groceries.

If you find a useful coupon, simply click on “Clip coupon.” After you add the item to your cart, the coupon will be automatically applied.

8. Reload a Gift Card

In 2021, Amazon offered $10 to anyone who reloaded a gift card with $100 or more. This was an easy way to save money if you were already planning to spend $100 or more — though not worth it if you were planning to spend less.

While it’s unclear if Amazon plans to offer this deal again, it’s worth keeping an eye out. Note that this deal was only available to first-time gift card reloaders, not to those who had already reloaded a gift card in the past.

9. Look for Special Promotions

If you’re looking to save more money on Amazon Prime Day, it’s also worth looking for additional promotions Amazon may offer. You should see these special promotions on your home page, but you might also research special Prime Day promotions in the days leading up to the sale. In 2021, Amazon gifted Prime members a $10 credit after they supported a small business with a purchase of $10 or more.

10. Compare Prices from Other Retailers

Amazon offers many discounts on Prime Day on anything from appliances to electronics to furniture (and more). Still, it might not be the only retailer offering sales at this time.

To keep up with this e-commerce giant, other stores often hold sales around Prime Day. Before you purchase from Amazon, it could be worth checking with a few other retailers to see if you can find an even better price.

You can shop around manually or use a browser extension such as Honey or PriceBlink to compare prices for you.

11. Save More with a Cash-Back App

Beyond clipping coupons, you can glean even more savings with a cash-back app, such as Drop or BeFrugal. After you add one of these free extensions to your browser, it will pop up while you’re shopping and let you know how much cashback you can earn. You simply activate the cashback and get a certain percentage of your purchase refunded.

These cash-back apps work with many different stores, so not using one is leaving money on the table. One limitation, however, is that you can only activate cashback from one app at a time.

Stick to Your Budget When Shopping on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day will only save you money if you’re not spending beyond your means. Before the event starts, take a look at your budget and set aside a specific amount for Prime Day shopping. You can make sure you’re not blowing past your budget by setting limits upfront.

You might also figure out which items you want to purchase before Prime Day starts. By crafting your wishlist and setting up notifications, you can stick to your list rather than giving in to impulse spending.

By preparing for Prime Day in advance — and using these strategies to save even more money — you can reap the benefits of Amazon discounts without overburdening your bank account.

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