20 Fabulous Cat Posts To Celebrate Caturday

Caturday is the best day of the week! Cat lovers unite and share photos and videos of their precious fur babies every Saturday, a.k.a., Caturday. Additionally, Caturday is a day to share memes and other laugh-out-loud cat posts.

Cats have a way of uniting the internet and are in their own mood. So here is a collection of this week’s Caturday posts to add joy to your day and put a smile on your face.

Precious Babies

Tweeter @Scottishcatfold shared their precious baby captioned, “Happy Saturday with this throwback because meowmy says that I look very handsome in this picture, what do you think? #CatsofTwittter #CatsOnTwitter #cats #Caturday #SaturdayMotivation #ScottishFold.”  

Tweeter @AkaOrangejuice shared their baby’s little beans, and I am here for it. They stated, “Being lazy on this chilly Saturday! My dirty toe beans! #caturday #toebeans #blackcat #sleepycat #adoptdontshop #dreaming #browntoebeans #sleepingthedayaway.”  

Tweeter @sempereadum stated, “I almost forgot to mention on this fine #Caturday that today is Kohl’s sixth birthday. He’s celebrated with a succession of naps, a few treats, and grooming so far. He still has the nightlife party yet to get to.”  

Tweeter @nunetday stated, “So many people said I’m blessed by this beautiful marking, and they are also like the dots around my nose. Thank you, and Happy #Caturday to you!”  

Funny Cats

One user shared her kat chillin’ in a shopping basket. Tweeter @StoliMartini responded, “I’m not touching your stupid flowers! #Caturday.”  

Tweeter @gkitty54 dressed her kitty and captioned it, “I’m late, don’t judge me…HAPPY #Caturday where ever you woke up! #CatsOnTwitter CatsOfTwitter #NineLives.”  

Tweeter @lesleyorion shared her smiling kitty, The Daily Gatsby. Smile, it’s Saturday night. #TheGreatWeeGatsby #Caturday #CatsOfTwitter #cats.”  

Tweeter @AZScorpion_Tail shared a hilarious pic. #Caturday HELP ME! Land Shark!”  

Tweeter @charlotteblauer shared her cat doing what cats do. “No need to move, Bob. I can work around you. #CatsOfTwitter #Caturday.”  


Tweeter @Cybrak tweeted, “Happy #Caturday! Scully was enjoying her new post yesterday. Ignore the boxes. It’s Halloween decoration time. #CatsofTwittter.” Look at how her cat is laying. I’m laughing out loud at the cuteness.

Batman Day Kitties

Tweeter @Cat_Cosplay shared her fur baby dressed up as the Caped crusader! When #BatmanDay falls on a #Caturday.”


Tweeter @namwella1961 said, “When #Caturday and #BatmanDay are on the same day.”


Tweeter @the1_RossFather shared an image with his cat dressed in a Batman cape captioned, “Happy #Caturday and #BatmanDay.”


Kittens of Caturday

Tweeter @77777Laura stated, “#Caturday #BatmanDay ##CatsofTwittter There are kittens pretending to be humans to fall in love with us.”


Tweeter @BobbieJ56320730 melted hearts by sharing a whole bundle of kittens, “Good morning, everyone! xx”


Tweeter @hashtagshroomer shred the tiniest baby captioned, “Baby stretches. #Caturday #CatsofTwittter.”

Twitter account @WholesomeMeme, shared an image explaining what a cat library at work means. It means you can take kittens back to your desk for an hour! Cuteness overload.

And the award for the cat who is just a whole mood for the day goes to this fur baby. Tweeter @LorettaLangan shared, “I borrowed my dad’s cat for this week’s episode of #Caturday.”

Did you know that some people attempt to claim their cat as a tax deduction? It’s true. Check it out. Also, did these precious kitties put a smile on your face? I hope so.

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