5 Characters We’ll See (And 5 We’d Like To) In The Bad Batch Season 2

After months of silence on the status of the upcoming season of The Bad Batch, we finally got confirmation at Star Wars Celebration that Season 2 will be premiering sometime this fall. While we still don’t have a confirmed date, the Season 2 trailer was officially released, with an extended version shown to lucky con-goers!

While the show’s premiere is still a way off, we’re already thinking about what the next installment might bring. Here are five characters we’ll see in The Bad Batch Season 2 and five characters we would like to! 

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of The Bad Batch:

Who We Will See: The Bad Batch

Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

When we last left our crew of misfit clones, they were surveying the ruins of the destroyed cloning facility on Kamino. They were already traveling the galaxy before, but losing the only home they’ve ever known is likely to destabilize them even more.

The theme of this show is encapsulated in Saw Gerrera’s line, “You can either adapt and survive or die with the past.” The loss of Kamino will likely force the Bad Batch to continue to discover who they are in a radically changing galaxy. They’ve been set adrift on the sea (literally and metaphorically), and the Clone Wars era is now officially over.

Season 1 saw the members of the Bad Batch—brothers in both blood and arms—on different paths. While Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo denounced the Empire in the aftermath of Order 66, Crosshair seemed content to support the new administration.

While his brothers believed Crosshair’s support of the Empire was due to an activated inhibitor chip, in the finale, Crosshair revealed their assumption was flawed. He had his chip removed “a long time ago,” and since that moment, his actions have been sincere. While he could still be lying, the possibility of Crosshair’s redemption now seems much more complicated than it once did. If, of course, he wants to be redeemed at all.

Who We’d Like to See: Captain Howzer 

Courtesy Disney+, Lucasfilm
Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

Captain Howzer is another clone forced to adapt in the wake of the new Galactic Empire. With his men, Howzer fought to free the planet of Ryloth from Separatist control during the Clone Wars and was successful. But when greater Imperial authority means Howzer is asked to target the citizens he swore to protect, he grapples with whether “Good soldiers follow orders” is a mantra that holds true in all situations. 

In one of the season’s most memorable moments, Howzer appealed to his brothers to stand against the Empire. He got through to a few of the clones, but they were detained soon afterward. Will we see the birth of a clone rebellion in Season 2? At this point, the Empire has allowed Howzer to live, so hopefully, we’ll see him again. He’s become a fan favorite—for his courage as much as his great hair!

Who We Will See: Cid

Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

Cid is one of those characters who you know could write at least half a dozen memoirs about their crazy past. She was an informant for the Jedi during the Clone Wars, and she seems to know everything about everyone.

When the Bad Batch meets up with her, Cid is laying low on Ord Mantell and running a cantina, but her wealth of connections means that she’s always got a mission for the Bad Batch. She’s part Maz Kanata, part Dexter Jettster, and Rhea Perlman is always a great addition to a Star Wars episode! Perhaps in Season 2, we will learn more about her past and just how she got so connected!

Who We’d Like to See: Quinlan Vos

quinlan vos
Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

Thanks to an emotional namedrop in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, we now know that Jedi Master Quinlan Vos survived Order 66. While Quinlan didn’t appear in The Clone Wars much, he was supposed to have a significant arc with Asajj Ventress. After the show’s initial cancelation, this arc was turned into the (highly recommended!) novel Dark Disciple. We think it’s about time to see our favorite Jedi maverick on screen again (and if we could get some Ventress flashbacks in the process, we wouldn’t complain!).

Obi-Wan Kenobi also shows that after Order 66, Quinlan helps smuggle Force-sensitive younglings hunted by the Empire to safety. Could it be revealed that Quinlan was the one who rescued young Grogu from the Jedi Temple during that slaughter?

Who We Will See: Vice Admiral Rampart

Vice Admiral Rampart
Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

Rampart is an up-and-coming Imperial officer who seems willing to do just about anything to advance up the ranks. He’s been at the center of many of The Bad Batch Season 1’s most shocking moments, from engineering the executions of Senator Orn Free Taa and Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su to the final destruction of Kamino.

Now that he has been freed from duties on Kamino, perhaps we’ll see Rampart investing more fully in his plan to fill the ranks of the Imperial army with the best (non-clone) soldiers from across the galaxy. Or perhaps he’ll find himself overseeing whatever dastardly cloning experiments are taking place inside Mount Tantiss. Whatever his next direction, he’ll continue to be a prominent adversary for the Bad Batch.

Who We’d Like to See: Bo-Katan Kryze

Bo Katan Kryze
Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

The Bad Batch Season 1 brought back many characters we saw in The Clone Wars Season 7. The beautifully updated character models fit right in with the design of The Bad Batch, and it allowed us to see characters like Rex, the Martez sisters, and even young Caleb Dune (Kanan Jarrus) again.

However, one notable absence was Bo-Katan Kryze, who we last saw (in animation) reclaiming her homeworld of Mandalore from Maul with the help of Ahsoka Tano. The domed city of Sundari has been contested territory from The Clone Wars through The Mandalorian, and this in-between era is no exception. We know that after Order 66, Palpatine sets his sights on the planet and takes it for the Empire. Is there a chance we could see Sundari fall once again? 

Amid such a story, perhaps there may be an opportunity to explore the clones’ Mandalorian connection through their “father,” Jango Fett. Now that Tarkin and Rampart are decommissioning the clone army, will any clones seek to officially become Mandalorians themselves?

Who We Will See: Commander Cody

Commander Cody
Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

One new addition to Season 2 brought gasps and screams from the audience at Celebration. Chronologically, the last time we saw Commander Cody, he was under the effect of an activated inhibitor chip, blasting his Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi into a cavern on Utapau.

Though he’s a fan favorite, Cody’s character hasn’t been explored much in The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, so we’d love to see him fleshed out and his story explored in The Bad Batch. Is he haunted by thinking he killed Kenobi? Or is he still fully committed to the work of the Empire in the same way Crosshair seems to be?

Who We’d Like to See: Commander Bly

Commander Bly with Aayla Secura
Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

Commander Bly is another clone who may be haunted by his actions during Order 66. Like Cody and the other clones affected by the chips, Bly did not hesitate when he shot down his Jedi general, Aayla Secura, on Felucia in Revenge of the Sith.

However, his situation is unique in that there’s evidence (at least according to Legends) to suggest that Bly and Aayla were “a little too close” by professional standards. What has happened to Bly in the aftermath of Order 66? Is he still unaware that he killed Aayla, or is that regret always on his mind?

Who We Will See: Gungi

Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one! Gungi the Wookiee is a Jedi initiate last seen nearly a decade ago in The Clone Wars Season 5. Since then, we’ve had to wonder whether Gungi (and his fellow younglings) became victims of Palpatine’s Jedi purge or if they were able to escape.

At least in our beloved little Wookiee’s case, we seem to have our answer, and we can’t wait to see what role he plays in this upcoming season.

Who We’d Like to See: Ruby

Courtesy of Disney+, Lucasfilm

No explanation is needed!

We need more of the cutest part-chicken, part-armadillo lizard Star Wars has ever had!

Do you agree with our picks? Who would you like to see show up in The Bad Batch Season 2?



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