5 Infuriating Things Leonard’s Mom Did on The Big Bang Theory

Undoubtedly, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter (Christine Baranski) rubs people incorrectly with her callous tone and parenting techniques. She’s a neuroscientist, award-winning psychiatrist, author, and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) mom.

Redditor u/zoezie recently asked, “In your opinion, what is the most infuriating thing Beverly did?”

Before elaborating, “For me, it was when she said, “I can’t wait for this day to be over,” after Leonard thanked her for coming to his and Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) second wedding, considering she was the whole reason they held a second wedding.”

Reddit came together to nominate these moments as being the worst of Beverly Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory. Did yours make this list?

5. When She Fakes an Interest in Leonard’s Work – “The Maternal Conclusion.”

Redditor Iconoficons noted, “I can’t believe nobody has mentioned one of her final appearances on the show was her pretending to value Leonard and his research just to benefit her own.”

In “The Maternal Conclusion,” Beverly feigns interest in Leonard’s job, and he believes that they are finally spending quality time together. 

However, Beverly reveals that she’s writing and new book and Leonard becomes furious to discover she’s only using him as research for the new book. 

4. The Wedding – “The Conjugal Conjecture.” 

FedoraTheMike branched off what the OP initially stated, “The wedding was messed up. Shows no remote interest in his life and snubs Leonard at every turn, then turns around and gets all passive-aggressive when she wasn’t invited to a wedding nobody else was, either.”

They continued, “Then she turns around AGAIN and complains when the wedding happens and doesn’t wanna be there. On top of that, showing no love to Leonard’s dad but then directing so much vitriol towards him for cheating.”

Finally, FedoraTheMike admits, “Basically as perfect as she thinks she is, she’s a MASSIVE hypocrite and expects loyalty, care, and attention from those she gives none of the above to.”

3. Fake Easter Eggs – “The Disappointing Child.”

The fake easter eggs are a terrible Beverly moment. In “The Disappointing Child,” Leonard confides in Penny that he was so angry as a child because his mother designed an Easter egg hunt with no eggs. 

She did it to see how long Leonard would keep looking. So he kept looking until June.” And no one on Reddit was amused. 

2. Leonard’s Dog Being Dead –  “The Maternal Congruence.”

Successful_Mess2187 confessed, “For me, it was when she told Leonard that their family dog died when she and Sheldon were listing out the big things that Sheldon knew, but Leonard was very much in the dark.”

They elaborated, “So I don’t think hitting a nerve is the right feeling description, but it’s definitely showing the family pet discussion of an animal vs. a family member, which I have had many of those in my life.”

Redditor johnnysebre quotes Beverly, “Excuse me, Leonard. I’m the one getting a divorce, Mitsy’s dead. So why are you the one making a fuss?”

They further commented, “It’s funny enough for the show but shows a big disconnect and lack of empathy on her part.”

1. The Experiment Isn’t Over – “The Conference Valuation.”

Redditor 1000furiousbunnies nominated Beverly’s line, “The experiment isn’t over.” Before admitting, “It kills me. She’s so insensitive. Also, when she says he always states the obvious, using an example from his toddlerhood to illustrate her point.”

They continued, “For someone who’s supposed to know so much about parenting and psychology, she doesn’t show it.”Redditor Blueporch replied, “But a shoutout to Christine Baranski’s acting skills!” Many Redditors agreed. 

SaintArkweather noted, “She’s definitely a “love to hate” character. But, as horrible as she is, the performance is phenomenal, and she is quite funny as opposed to characters that are just annoying and make the show worse.”

Final Thoughts

Finally, AbbreviationsAway500 admitted, “My thoughts on Beverly change from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no Mother of the Year but considers that Leonard is a huge submissive and Beverly likes strength and confidence and enjoys harassing week Beta personalities.”

They continued, “In her own way, I think Beverly tries techniques to “man-up” Leonard, which in her mind didn’t accomplish. Remember, “Buck up, sissy-pants.”

Furthermore, “Beverly likes confidence and intelligence. While Penny isn’t academically smart, she was able to connect with Beverly after taking a lot of body shots in their first meeting.”

Finally, they ended, “By then Beverly was out drinking with Penny and was approved of his marriage to Penny. Leonard used Beverly to advance his personal needs, wants, and desires. He likes playing the victim.”

However, that comment was downvoted to oblivion, so the consensus is that Beverly Hofstadter is toxic and a terrible mother. Do you agree?

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