DC Comics In Talks With Producer Dan Lin and Excited Fans are Screaming

The DCEU fandom is in an uproar upon discovering that DC is transitioning from Walter Hamada and talking with Dan Lin. Lin produced several hit movies, including The Sherlock Holmes films with Robert Downey Jr. 

Additionally, he made The Batman Lego Movie (2017), the live-action remake of Aladdin (2019), and both chapters of the horror film based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, It (2017).

DC fans appear split on how they feel about it. Some die-hard Snyder fans aren’t happy he called them bots. Although he alleges it was a joke. 

Tweeter @4011Ronin shared, 

“I am very skeptical of Dan Lin seeing the DCEU. Mainly because he called the Snyder fandom “bots.” Now maybe he said that as a joke, and if it wasn’t, then this guy isn’t suited to be the president of DC.”

Still, others are hopeful that Dan Lin will be the right fit. 

For instance, @whenbatmenfly stated, 

“One thing that gives me hope about Dan Lin taking over DC is that he always wanted to do it. He says DC is the franchise that got away, and Lego Batman was his way of doing DC.”

Another tweeter, @ViewerAnon, reminded fans,

“Dan Lin was the producer pushing heavily for George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL back in 2008/2009, interestingly enough.”

He continues, 

“He seems to have a genuine enthusiasm for the characters. I was worried they’d install someone who couldn’t care less about DC and whose sole interest was to “maximize profits and IP utilization.”

Tweeter @ForeverSquadDC noted,

“So Dan Lin, who’s in talks to be the new head of DC Films (aka DC Studios…), was the original producer on Suicide Squad before it was reworked into being part of the DCEU. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut.”

Another hopeful DC fan, @Signs2323, expressed, 

“Hamada/Emmerich era is over, but their upcoming projects still remain. They sunk DC into the depths of Hell as they spitefully sidelined the Snyderverse.”

They continued, “Hopefully, Dan Lin, Alan Horn, and Zaslav remember the greatness Nolan and Snyder brought us and bring back those standards.”

Tweeter @CineWad instructed, 

“Don’t worry, Zaslav and Horn are cleaning the house. Projects got canceled or delayed for reshoots and changes. Ben is back; Henry will, and maybe Wayne will too. Snyder will be back during this ten-year plan. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut is close; we need to be united.”

However, not all fans share that sentiment. Many believe the “SnyderVerse cult” are grabbing at straws. 

For example, @TheComixKid claimed, 

“If you think Dan Lin is the guy to bow down to the Snyder fandom, you’d be wrong. Take a listen at 45 mins mark.”

Another user, @dambrose_k, expressed, 

“Not happening. Lin is more likely to recruit George Miller. He will report to Zaslav, and Zaslav is not entertaining the Snyderverse or Snyder.”

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