DJ Khaled’s ‘Use This Gospel’ Draws a Revival of Ecstatic Eminem Fans

“Rap God” Eminem is trending on Twitter for his verse on DJ Khalid’s new track, “Use This Gospel.” Fans are sharing video clips of Em freestyling and in interviews.

In addition, they’re spreading their favorite pictures, songs, and clips of Em with shout-outs to his GOATness. Many believe he is the best rapper of all time.

Rapper @djkhaled announced,
“@drdre, @kanyewest, @Eminem, this GIFT is UNBELIEVABLE!! THANK YOU!! Thank you for letting me put this on my album to bless the world with! @drdre, you’re my idol! @kanyewest, you’re my BROTHER!
@eminem, this is a dream come true. #GODDID AVAILABLE NOW!”

Kanye fans also represent rapper Ye for his chorus in the collaboration, and they are uniting with Em fans to make it number one.

Tweeter @amirerbs shared,
“Rare but epic moments on Twitter #Kanye #Eminem.”

Additionally, @ShadyTimes expressed,
“Use This Gospel remix slaps both Eminem and Kanye did amazingly. Glad to finally listen to these two goats together #GODDID.”

Another user, @BAMBOOMRAP, noted,
“Eminem killed that feature, great delivery, and verse. I wish they kept the jazzy elements like the Kenny G solo in the remix, but all in all, this is a Dr. Dre version, and it sounds like it.”

He added,
“Anyways Use This Gospel ft. Eminem and the original would both be the top two songs on JIK.

Twitter user @thederekminor went ahead and tweeted what many people woke up today thinking:

He said,
“Kanye and Eminem making Christian Raps on a DJ Khaled album is not something I would have ever seen coming, but I’m here for it. It’s a blessing to see positivity, especially in these times.”

Another user, @Zentelis_, admitted,
“Motivational Eminem is the best. All his motivational songs are top-tier.”

However, not all Eminem fans agreed with the sentiment.

For example, @gwbrrll replied,
“Most of his motivational songs are corny.”

And user @KamikazeBetter suggested,
“Angry Eminem, serial killer Em, gangster Em is all better.”

Still, most fans were ecstatic and flooded the Twitter feed with admiration and support. Some users told fans to buy and stream the song to number one.

For instance, @EminemSupporte1 announced,
“Eminem currently has 53,658,369 monthly listeners (15th in the world and +36,246 from yesterday) and still climbing! Let’s keep coming together and keep it going worldwide! BUY & STREAM ‘Use This Gospel Remix’ Kanye ft Eminem #GODDID #UseThisGospelREMIX #CurtainCall2 #CC2.”

Then, tweeter @chartdata announced,
“@djkhaled, @kanyewest, and @Eminem’s ‘Use This Gospel [REMIX]’ has entered the top 10 on US iTunes.”

Many fans wished Eminem God’s blessings and elaborated on their Christian joy in the message.

Tweeter @shadyfenty_ expressed,
“One of the most mature and clean verses I’ve ever heard @Eminem
spit. He’s really aging like fine wine. Give him his flowers #goddid.”

Another tweeter, @fake_Awareness, said,
“Amen, it was beautiful. I am so proud of @Eminem. Jesus is looking down and smiling big at you, Marshall Mathers.”

So what are they saying that Christians are rushing to Twitter to give props to Em and Kanye? Here’s a brief part of his heavily spiritual verse.

Eminem: “I got some awesome inspiration to drop them off them. Pen and paper, I’m knocking them off woke up on stage at a concert. Whole place looking like a mosh pit.

He continues, “Bible at my side like a rifle with a God-given gift. Every single day I thank God for it. That’s why I pay so much homage. Praises to Jesus, I’ll always.”

And Kanye’s chorus sings: “Use this gospel for protection. It’s a hard road to Heaven. We call on Your blessings. In the Father, we put our faith King of the Kingdom. Our demons are trembling. Holy angels defending. In the Father, we put our faith.”

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