Fans Complain About Quality of MCU Phase 4, Endgame Director Responds

Fans set high expectations for the Marvel Universe following the success of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

High Hopes

Phase Four of the MCU is supposed to show how the characters of the shared universe have moved on since they were brought back to life. This phase is being developed for both TV as well as the big screen. Some fans, however, aren’t pleased with the direction the directors have planned.

Anthony Russo Responds

Anthony Russo, one half of the director duo that took over the MCU with Captain America: Winter Soldier, had this to say about the backlash:

“Here’s the thing. The entire life of the MCU has seen ups and downs, there’s going to naturally be an ebb and flow to how people are feeling about it based on the latest offering. But I think — look, at the end of the day, they’re still being very ambitious in terms of how they approach the storytelling. They’re being experimental. They’re looking for new forms of expression to keep audiences excited and surprised. It still seems like they have a vital creative code and process that they’re pursuing, so I do believe there’s still a lot of hope for what’s possible in the MCU. We haven’t lost faith in it, that’s for sure.”

The Russo Takeover

As previously mentioned, the Russo brothers joined the MCU to work on Captain America: Winter Soldier. After that, they would go on to collaborate on the major crossovers, such as Civil War and the last two Avengers movies.

For phase four, the Russo brothers will be part of the audience rather than assisting in shaping the shared universe or returning for another gig.

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Twitter users weighed in on the plans for the new phase.

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