Garyk Lee Style TV Releases New Episode With Loretta Christiansenson “Loretta Steals The Show”

Garyk Lee Style TV has just released a new episode featuring Loretta Christiansenson entitled “Loretta Steals the Show” which is the follow up to her two-part interview with Rock Star Journalist Eileen Shapiro.

If you haven’t done so before, meet the slanderously charming, sarcastically inspiring, and arrogantly captivating Loretta Christiansenson.

Her innocence is merely a ploy to disguise her tactlessness, and her smile demands attention that she thrives on. With all these diverse qualities in one person, there’s no doubt you have to at least find her entertaining…..Yet the whole world loves her….even the gays.



Watch “Loretta Steals The Show” on Garyk Lee Style TV here:

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“Loretta’s 27 ½ Minutes With Eileen Part 1” here:

and “Loretta’s 16 ½ Minutes With Eileen Part 2” here:

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