Gas Prices Are Soaring, But The Summer Road Trip is Alive and Well

Gas prices are almost double what they were last summer, yet the American love affair with the summer road trip endures. Millions of Americans will hit the road this summer looking for adventure.

According to, Approximately 47 million Americans will travel more than 500 miles from home by car. Also, nearly 7 percent or 17 million Americans say they will take a take road trip more than 1,000 miles from home.

With prices at the pump nearing $5 per gallon, road trips will hit an all-time high this summer. The desire to travel after two years of staying home has not diminished, even with sticker shock at the pumps.

But don’t despair. There are things you can do to offset the high cost of gas.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help Your Car Maintain Good Gas Mileage.

Take care of essential car maintenance like tire pressure, air filters, and remove extra weight from your vehicle. These simple things can save you money in gas and make sure you get to your destination safely.

Tire pressure is very important because under-inflated tires can lower your gas mileage by up to 3%. Grab a tire pressure gauge and check your tires before leaving and when you stop on your road trip.

You can save on gas by controlling your speed as well. General Motors Financial states, “After reaching 45-50 mph, your car begins to lose fuel efficiency. And the faster you go, the worse it gets. It’s best to drive the speed limit and use cruise control when possible. Rapid acceleration and hard braking quickly eat up fuel, so avoid those actions whenever possible.”

It is tempting to get to your destination quickly, but quick will cost you more, and isn’t a road trip all about seeing the scenery?

Make sure that you are keeping your car as light as possible. If you have items in your trunk that you don’t need, take them out. Any extra weight in your car will decrease your gas mileage. Take what you need for your trip, but don’t overload the car.

Road Trip Advice To Make The Most Of Your Gas

Visit a National Park near your home. The National Park system is one of the best deals around. Most parks are entirely free and can offer days of entertainment. Many offer camping in the park at a nominal fee, making the trip much less expensive. It can be an inexpensive trip, with gas being the only significant expense.

Travel with friends or family and take turns driving and paying for gas. This will not only cut down on your gas expenses, but it will also make the trip more fun! Family road trips are much more fun than going alone.

Travel a little closer to home. There are many great places to visit that are just a few hours away, no matter where you are in the country. This is probably not the summer for a cross-country road trip. Local travel will save you time and money, and you can use both at your destination.

Plan your route carefully. Taking the time to map out the most efficient route will help you make the most of your money. Avoid busy highways at peak times because sitting in traffic is horrible on gas mileage. It is sometimes wiser to take a slightly longer route. Avoiding toll roads can also give you a little more money to spend on gas.

Stay in cheaper accommodations. Stretch your money a little farther by choosing less expensive accommodations. Hotels have raised prices along with inflation. Camping, hostels, and some Airbnbs are practical options that won’t break the bank. Book a little farther out of main cities to keep prices down.

Head South to cheaper gas prices. The least expensive gas prices are in the Southeast. Have you always wanted to visit Savannah or Atlanta? Now is the time to road trip in the South. Georgia has the lowest gas prices in the nation. Make use of that and drive through the Southeast.

Bring your own snacks and drinks instead of stopping at gas station convenience stores. You can go old school on your road trip with packaged sandwiches and drinks in a cooler. If you need convenience, stop at a grocery store on your drive and load up on quick bites. Prices are much lower for comparable items at a grocery store vs. a gas station.

With a bit of planning and creativity, you can still enjoy a summer road trip even with high gas prices. Summer is waiting, so get out there and hit the open road!

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