Get Ready for a LEGO-Themed Wedding, Some Assembly Required

Did you know you can have custom-made LEGO accessories built into your wedding? I didn’t. But it’s true! These are easily one of the most extraordinary and unique ways to demonstrate your passion for LEGOs. 

From LEGO wedding cakes to dickie bows from LEGO floral bouquet arrangements to Just Married LEGO license plates and ring boxes, people are incorporating these colorful building blocks into their special day. 

User @LEGO_Group shared images captioned, “Build your perfect wedding with a whimsical LEGO twist! Check out these fun builds that’ll delight you and your guests.”

Tweeter @nermalmovement asked, “Awesome builds and stuff, but this is how you get stood up at your wedding?”

Another user, @NickBrickBuilds, joked, “Only if you’re marrying the wrong person!”


Several users agreed with NickBrickBuilds’ sentiment. And then the verified Pinterest account commented, *pins to wedding board*. That’s a great idea if you’re pinning to a board title, “Freaking Raddest Weddings Ever!”

In addition to people expressing their like or dislike for the idea, many Twitter users shared images of their personal LEGO wedding cakes. For example, @adamjames317 shared a picture exclaiming, “Our take on a Lego wedding!”


The cake is fantastic. First, purple and gold for wedding colors are a fabulous look. Next, check out the incredible details. The LEGO builders, ladders, flowers, and that second tier. How did they do that? It stands out for not being smooth like the other two. This wedding cake is very cool.

Another tweeter, @ReecePincham, challenged, “That’s not a Lego wedding cake. This cake is! My wife and I @sarahjaynepool
can confirm it tasted as good as it looked!”


Okay, now I need to know how it tastes. I’ve never had a piece of wedding cake that I enjoyed. The frosting is funky, but I’d give it another go if it looked half as rad as this one.

Tweeter @MassiveDMG_ shared, “Years ago, we had a Steampunk wedding, with our Minifigs on top of the cake! We later used the same figures to announce the birth of our child, with a LEGO-baby minifig, of course!”


The steampunk wedding cake is fabulous, but we want to see that birth announcement! What a fun story. And the excitement caused several users to comment about how they always wanted a LEGO wedding.

Additionally, some people tagged their partners and asked if they wanted to get remarried just for the LEGO wedding accessories and cake.

Finally, people got jokes. Someone commented that the cake was a little crunchy before user @xenodevale asked, “How depressing would it be for the woman who catches that bouquet as it shatters into a thousand pieces?”


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