House of the Dragon Fans Frantically Address Disgusting Royal Union

Several things happened on tonight’s episode of House of the Dragon that has fans going insane with excitement, opinions, and disgust. First and foremost, die-hard Game of Thrones fans immediately took to Twitter about the opening credits. Excited tweeter, @randzwinter, informed, “For anyone wondering, this shows the Targaryen family tree, from the Doom of Valyria to King Aegon the Conqueror, with his Valyrian blood flowing to his descendants. You can see the symbols like King Viserys’ the golden crow and Rhaenyra with her Valyrain steel necklace.” Another fan, @DarwinJMonsalve, expressed, “The only word I can think of is Goosebumps.” Many House of the Dragon fans noticed the intricate details in the costumery. For example, @HOTDNewsHBO admires, “The absolutely beautiful details in #HouseoftheDragon.” And others marveled at the cinematic shots, dragons, and Princess Rhaenyra. For instance, @BJC_92 said, “#HouseoftheDragon episode 2 was as brilliant as the first. Cinematography, detail, and writing are all excellent. It’s setting things up so well!” Tweeter @Ni4344 shared their favorite scene and expressed, “This scene…Rhaenyra coming to Dragonstone with Syrax is so cool. #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HouseoftheDragon #hotd.” Another user, @thenighbourhod, share images of Princess Rhaenyra proclaiming, “SHE IS THE MOMENT #HouseoftheDragon.” However, the most considerable talk of the episode came when King Viserys was choosing between a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old; furthermore, the 15-year-old is his daughter’s best friend. Tweeter @akcabs_ shared a meme captioned, “When your mother and brother died, and now your father just announced that your best friend is also gonna be your stepmother #HouseoftheDragon.” Another user, @MeganSteighorst, shared the classic decision meme captioned, “Viserys – trying to decide who his next wife should be #HouseoftheDragon.” Tweeter nuffsaidny shared a gif of Stanley from The Office exploding on Ryan for flirting with his underage daughter. He wrote, “Me when I saw King Viserys walking with that little girl. #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD.” Another user, @AaronMihkeil, asked, “Oh, so we’re jumping right into the pedophilia! #HouseoftheDragon #HouseOfTheDragonHBO.” HOTD fan @DanSoldtheWorld shared the thinking meme that read, “You don’t have to marry a 12-year-old if you marry a 15-year-old. Twitter user @ReJecTReef added, “The way Rhaenyra looked at Alicent after she said, what if your father remarried? #HouseoftheDragon.” Finally, @nyrotike joked, “Viserys: I can’t marry a 10-year-old! A 15-year-old and his daughter’s best friend: #HouseoftheDragon.”

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