‘Lord of the Streets’ Trailer Reveals Anthony Criss in an Action-Filled Underground Fighting Film

Tubi has released a new trailer for Lord of the Streets ahead of its premiere on the streamer today. The trailer reveals a gritty film set amidst the high-stakes drama of the underground fighting world, which promises strength, courage, honor, focus, fury, and redemption.

Jason Dyson (Anthony Criss)’s life is turned upside down when he refuses to make his prized fighter throw an MMA match. Based on the trailer, it looks like this was not the smartest decision. A notorious gangster kills Dyson’s MMA fighter to collect his debt, but that’s not all he does. Jason’s daughter ends up getting kidnapped and he’ll do anything to get her back. Jason is forced to train a convict to endure five consecutive underground fights in order to save his daughter. However, that kind of no holds barred fighting is “suicide.” Will Jason’s fighter be able to survive the fight? What lengths will he have to go to just to save his daughter? I guess you’ll just have to watch the movie on Tubi to find out.

In addition to Criss, Lord of the Streets stars MMA heavyweight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as Kane, AJ McKee as Tre “The Chosen One” Jordan, Anderson Silva as Axel, Cheick Kongo as Franc “The Tian” Blanc, Richard Grieco as Detective Kayes, and Rigan Machado as Crolen Belladon.

Lord of the Streets was written, directed, and executive produced by Jared Cohn who has carved a niche for himself in the industry with action and horror flicks. Cohn is the force behind several films, including Deadlock and Vendetta, which will stand as some of Bruce Willis‘ final films prior to his retirement from acting. The film is also produced by Criss, Demetrius Stear, Evan Forster, Michelle Schwarzer, and Jubal Ace Kohn.

Lord of the Streets premieres on Tubi today. Watch the trailer below:

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