Nick Cannon Announces 10th Baby, and People Have Plenty to Say

American television host Nick Cannon is best known for announcing pregnancies; today, he revealed baby number ten is on the way. It’s his third child with Brittany Bell and Twitter had much to say about it.  User thesheajenkins exclaimed, “You never need to find out why Nick Cannon is trending. Ever!” @be95_xx stated, “So you’re telling me that Nick Cannon is currently expecting two children at the same time with two different women after announcing that he was going to be celibate for a while.” Related: Celebrity Couples That Made Fans Upset To be fair, this is like the fourth time this year that Nick Cannon has been trending. Several people had mad jokes.  Another user, @AmariSUNX, joked, “Nick cannon should’ve been a male seahorse all these babies he got.” Related: Celebrities That Are Still Married Today, You Won’t Believe #10 Finally, @Jayleejnr cracked, “Nick Cannon gotta find something else to do, man. Get a hobby, my boy: couponing, quilting, scrapbooking, anything dawg.” Twitter user @Lilitree replied, “He has a hobby – beating Elon Musk for the most babies with the most baby mamas.” However, while many people were laughing at his expense, others expressed genuine concern for the children.  Also, @KaylaBraxtonWWE noted, “Nick Cannon’sCannon’s FaceTimes with his kids are gonna have to move over to Zoom.” Tweeter @SkinCareBully said, “I don’t really care how many kids Nick Cannon and his cult have at this point. These women seem to be enthusiastic about being his 34th baby momma, so who is me to object?”

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