Nine-Year-Old TikTok Fashionista Impresses Vera Wang

Still stunning at 72, there isn’t likely to be much that Vera Wang hasn’t seen or done, and surprises are assuredly few and far between. However, one young girl from Colorado managed to snag the fashion icon’s attention and was completely unaware of just who was commenting on her video.

Kaia Aragon started learning to sew at five years old, thanks to her mother, Tonya. But it was when little Kaia got a dress form for Christmas, that her love of fashion took off. After that, Kaia went through a phase where she created a new outfit every day for several weeks.

Practice Adds Sophistication

Four years into her fashion endeavor, Kaia Aragon makes pieces that showcase her personality and talent. For instance, while visiting the Today set, she wore a black dress she’d made that had the New York City skyline on the hem. Having a vision for her creations, such as she does, Kaia named her fashion line Kaia Rae Designs. In addition to ‘traditional’ fashion, she even created her own personal cosplay options inspired by Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch.

It wasn’t until she got a specific comment on her TikTok videos that the young fashionista realized just who Vera Wang is. The world-renowned designer left a “Love” comment on Kaia’s video.

Gifts of Encouragement

It wasn’t just the comment that had young Kaia fangirling, though. Her mother, Tonya, posted a video of a gift package the designer sent to the aspiring fashion creator. The gift box included a new sewing machine, a purple backpack with a floral pattern, and a personal note from Wang, which read, “Dearest Kaia – So excited to see you are already pursuing your dream of becoming a fashion designer! Congratulations and all good luck. Love Vera.”

Passion and Patience

Kaia was just five years old when her mother, Tonya, started teaching her how to sew. Her first project was a bed for her new kitten. Then she made a wallet. By the time she was seven, her mother had bought a sewing machine for the first-grader. Now, at nine, Kaia is making big plans for what she’d like to do in the future.

TikTok Sensation

Tonya Aragon’s TikTok account boasts a massive 602K subscribers at the time of this writing, and young Kaia’s designs and innate fashion sense are likely responsible for the majority of those fans.

That fashion sense lends itself to her family as well.

While doing a recent interview with her dad for WGN-TV, Kaia fielded a question about his hat choice. “I’m a teacher, and so I wear goofy hats and suits all the time, but certainly nothing anyone would call fashionable,” her father said.

“I don’t know; that hat’s pretty fashionable, isn’t it, Kaia? He looks pretty good.”

Kaia replied with “Eh,” shaking her hand in a ‘less-than-impressed’ expression of her opinion, making the news reporters laugh.

News Gets Around

Thankfully Tonya and Kaia were willing to chat with Wealth of Geeks about her unique approach to fashion and let us in on her creative process.

Q: So Kaia, you are everywhere right now. But I wanted to ask about your passion for fashion. Was it always there, or did it start as you started creating?

Kaia: (I’ve) been interested in fashion and using clothes to express myself since I could dress myself at four years old.
Tonya: Kaia has only been designing clothing since November or December 2021. Since then, she has added 30 to 40 individual items to her ‘Kaia Rae Design’ clothing line.

Q: So I’ve read, Kaia, that you didn’t quite know who Vera Wang was when she commented on your video.

Kaia: Yeah, at first I didn’t know who she was, and I was like, ‘who’s that?’

Q: Have you had a chance to look at what she designs and what she specializes in? And if so, do you have a favorite?

Kaia: Yeah, I’ve seen her wedding dresses and stuff. No, not really.
Tonya: She likes her wedding dresses and red carpet dresses.
Kaia: I like all of her accessories.

Q: Do you like to wear your creations to school?

Kaia: Well, I’m homeschooled, so, yeah. But I wear them everywhere; at my friend’s house, to the doctor, grocery shopping, everywhere.

Q: Do you have a favorite clothing item to create, dresses, shirts, skirts, etc.?

Kaia: No, I just make whatever comes to me at that moment.

Q: So, Kaia, this is my last question for you. Who inspires you?

Tonya: Oh, that’s a good question. You haven’t been asked that before. Not specifically, just who inspires you in general?
Kaia: Ariana (she smiles).
Tonya: Her best friend.

Kaia’s Drive and Determination

During the interview with Kaia and her mom, Tonya, it was easy to see that, young or not, Kaia has a love for fashion and creating clothes that express who she is. Some are bright and bold, and some are more sophisticated, like her New York skyline dress mentioned above. At any rate, Kaia seems to be as bright, bold, and refined as her clothing designs and Wealth of Geeks wishes her all the best in her fashion endeavors.

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