The New James Bond May Be Someone You Don’t Expect

After the tragic ending of No Time to Die, fans are holding their breath to see who will take over as 007 in the new James Bond movies.

Hollywood Is a Tease

Franchise writers have been teasing and hinting at different Hollywood A-listers who are in the running for the iconic role. Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill are the front runners, but there are also some unexpected faces in this lineup.

1. Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy is best known for his roles in Venom and Mad Max. Many fans wonder if the 45-year-old actor is too old or too famous to play 007, but he’s got enough street cred that he has a decent shot at the role.

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2. Idris Elba

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Idris Elba has been a fan favorite for the role, as he would be the first black James Bond. He is well known for his parts in Beasts of No Nation and Pacific Rim. He has earned a total of five Primetime Emmy nominations and most of his appearances have received universal critical acclaim. Bookers are concerned about the age factor, as Elba has recently turned fifty.

3. Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill remains the leading contender to take over the role of 007. He actually missed out on playing the renowned spy back in 2005 when the Bond role for Casino Royale was given to Daniel Craig instead. Last year, he said that “time will tell” if he would become the next Bond. He also said in 2020 that he would “jump at the opportunity” if it arose.

The only concern about Cavill is his schedule. He is currently committed to more Superman movies as well as his role on The Witcher.

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4. Rege-Jean Page

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Despite downplaying rumors that he is in the running to be the next James Bond, he is still a fan favorite for the role. Page is most well-known for his role as the Duke of Hastings in the period drama Bridgerton.

Page is currently set to follow in the footsteps of the third Bond, Sir Roger Moore, as he takes on the role of Simon Templar in the reboot of the series The Saint. 

5. Aidan Turner

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Aidan Turner is known for his leading role in the BBC show Poldark. He is also known for his role as Kili in The Hobbit Trilogy. He is a popular choice for the role of Bond in part because of the fact that he is several years younger than the other frontrunners. His age gives him a good shot because producers will likely be looking for someone who can commit to the franchise long-term.

6. Robert Pattinson

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Robert is best known for his leading role in the Twilight series. Pattinson has proved that he is an extremely versatile actor, with movies ranging from The Lighthouse to a leading role in The Batman.

Like Turner, Pattinson is on the younger side of this list, so he is another popular choice for the long-term role.

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