Top 10 Reactions to David Hasselhoff Playing Nick Fury

Did you know that David Hasselhoff once answered to the name Nick Fury? It’s true. One Reddit user posted, “Before David Hasselhoff was Peter Quill’s imaginary father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he had a larger part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as the cigar-chomping Nick Fury in a backdoor pilot that failed.” Redditors responded to give these genuine reactions to the news. 

10. Silver Age (1960s-70s) Readers Couldn’t Relate

The comics from the 1960s and 70s had some amazing stories and even more spectacular artists. The Silver Age was fantastic and still is a source of great material and artistic inspiration.

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9. A Great Idea, Too Early

Even though the storyline had potential, it fell apart quickly with a lack of backstory and poor acting. One user said, “Early Marvel stuff has a lot to love if you can separate it from the crap.” There have been several attempts at converting Marvel characters from page to screen. However, all attempts to gain popularity failed until the recent creation of the MCU.

8. Some People Didn’t Even Spot Him

DJ_Micoh posted, “David Hasselhoff wasn’t in Guardians 2. You’re thinking of Kurt Russell.” What makes this comment so funny is that Ego (Kurt Russell) took on the form of The Hoff to entice Star-Lord. Redditor DCMartin said, “I honestly forgot he was in GotG2.”

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7. Presence Already Felt in the MCU

Ego took the form of David Hasselhoff to try and win Peter Quill over. There were many references to him throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. TheBigGAlways369 posted, “Not to mention he performed “Guardians Inferno” for the film. “Zardu Hasselfrau, Zardu Hasselfrau, hey.”

6. Quill Needs to Meet Hassellhoff’s Character

One Redditor posted, “There needs to be a scene where Peter Quill walks up to Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury and says something like, ‘You look just like… has anyone ever told you…’.”

5. There is a Multiverse Now

Tomhyde098 mentioned, “There’s a multiverse in the MCU now. So they could always bring him back!” The Multiverse is an infinite amount of alternate realities and dimensions. 

Marvel Comics first introduced the Multiverse in the 1960s and 70s in the series Strange Tales and What If…? Therefore leaving open the opportunity for The Hoff to reappear as Nick Fury.

4. Same Time as Blade

Isopod_Character said, “I could’ve sworn this movie came out in the early 90s. How did Marvel release this kind of movie in the same year as Blade (1998)???” MyRuinedEye posted, “I remember watching it when it came out and not liking it but loving Blade!”

3. Unbelievably Low Ratings

With a Google review rating of 3.2/5 and an IMDB rating of 3.7/10, it’s safe to say this movie didn’t do well. Initially created with the purpose of a backdoor pilot for a possible new television show. MDogK said, “Doesn’t star the Hoff, stars his Life Model Decoy, it’s a handy little toy.”

2. Awfully Written Dialogue

Dubblix posted, “I just watched this a couple of weeks ago. The dialogue is top tier, lol.” ZFlanders said, “This is the sorta thing I joined this sub to follow. I didn’t know about this block of cheese, and now I do. Arguably, my life is better today than it was yesterday.”

1. Germans Love Nick Fury and The Hoff

KumquatHaderach posted, “The movie did well in Germany, which proves my theory: Germans love Nick Fury.” One Reddit user responded, “To be fair, Germans also really love David Hasselhoff.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit list of reactions to The Hoff playing Nick Fury. Check out the top-voted Marvel movies to be seen in theatres.

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