Travel Gear You Need For Your Summer Adventures

With the right clothing and accessories, you can travel in style. Whether it’s a quick getaway or a long flight, we have compiled some essential travel items that will make any trip more enjoyable. 

There is so much new travel gear on the market and we have found some of the absolute best travel products you probably didn’t know that you needed until now. But there are also travel staples that will never go out of style. 

Here is our ultimate list of travel gear and other items to pack before hitting the road this summer.


1. ChargeCard by AquaVault

The ChargeCard is one of the best electronic travel gear items to have on hand. This ultra-thin portable charger is powerful and easily slips into your wallet. It comes with a variety of charging cables for both Apple and Android devices. Just to be clear, this will not fully charge your phone to 100% but it will give you the boost you need before you run out of battery.

On average it charges between 40% to 60% which is generally all you need to get through those heavy-use days or for when your phone is about to run out of battery.

2. Lookstand Adjustable Phone Stand

We have finally found the answer to “tech neck” and it is the Lookstand Adjustable Phone Stand. This nifty gadget attaches to the back of any smartphone and extends up to a full 7-inch height so your phone is at the perfect ergonomic viewing angle in both portrait and landscape modes.

It is perfect for use on flights, hotel rooms, even as a selfie stick. It has adjustable viewing angles and a detachable mount if you don’t want to keep it on your phone all the time. It is sleek and can be tucked away when not in use. We love the ocean blue color, it is easy to find amongst the sea of black tech travel gadgets but also comes in five different colors.

We tested it during turbulence on a recent flight and found that it withstood light turbulence while fully extended. During heavy turbulence, we had to lower it down to the first setting but it was still great to be able to use it hands-free in portrait mode. 

3. Pocketalk

Pocketalk is a voice translator that converses in 82 different languages. Many people have google translate on their phone but we found Pocketalk is easier to use and translates better. It comes with a complimentary 2-year cellular data plan that provides coverage in over 130 countries/regions if you find yourself without access to wifi.

The best part about Pocketalk is that it is designed for conversations and picks up localized dialects and slang using the best translation engines from around the world. And better yet, Pocketalk computes exchanges for currency, length, width, and temperature. It is honestly one of the handiest pieces of travel gear out there and would make a wonderful travel gift.

4. FlightFūd’s Flight Elixir

The thought of dealing with jetlag after a long-haul flight will have any traveler dreading the brain fog and bloated feeling you get when you fly. FlightFūd was made specifically for the unique needs of travelers and we wish we had tried this natural health supplement years ago! Flight Elixir helps to reduce travel bloat, gas, and indigestion, restore energy and manage jet lag, support circulation, immunity, and hydration.

You may be asking, but does it actually work? It sure does and we don’t ever want to travel without our Flight Elixir ever again. We tested it out on a long-haul flight from the west coast to Europe and were pleasantly surprised at how great we felt when we landed. We felt more alert, no bloating or swelling, and were happy knowing the product has immune support included. 

We love the motivational travel markers on the shatterproof travel water bottle and the hydration bundle is a perfect addition to any travel repertoire.

5. PlaneAire Wipes & Hand Sanitzer

We know there are a million hand sanitizers and wipes on the market so why choose PlaneAire? If you are tired of having dry, sticky hands, PlaneAire keeps them moisturized while effectively killing common germs. Did we mention that the Lemongrass Rosemary blend also wards off mosquitos?!

There are many different essential oil blends to choose from and the travel essentials bundle covers all the sanitizing basics you will need for your next vacation. The multi-surface wipes are perfect to use to wipe down your airplane seat and easily slip into your purse or carryon bag. 


6. Vegamour Travel Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are not the type of traveler who likes to rely on hotel hair products and prefers to use as few chemicals as possible, you will enjoy Vegamour’s travel duo. Vegamour’s clean, color-safe duo utilizes plant actives and vegan keratin called Karmatin.

This travel-sized shampoo and conditioner duo is the perfect amount for a vacation, you won’t be stuck trying to squeeze out every last drop like the complimentary hotel bottles that are too small. Bottom line, Vegamour’s shampoo and conditioner duo will leave hair shiny, healthy, and hydrated. We found it battled frizz amazingly well. It’s also suitable for all hair types.

7. Bel Essence Hydrating Face Balm

Long flights mean dehydrated skin but with Bel Essence’s Hydrating Face Balm, there are no messy lotions to deal with. This face balm comes in a stick form and can easily be applied to your skin on the go. Simply apply the balm and rub it into your skin until it is absorbed, sit back and enjoy the antioxidant boost.

The perfect travel accessory, this hydrating face balm can easily be slipped into a purse or carry-on without worrying it will leak everywhere. It is perfect for the active traveler and to protect your skin from any climate you are exploring.

8. Murphy’s Naturals Bug Repellant Wipes

Murphy’s mosquito repellent wipes have to be one of the most genius items for travel. They are easy to pack, have no mess to apply, and have no harsh chemicals. There are ten wipes per pack, they absorb quickly and smell divine. These mosquito repellent wipes are a must-have for camping and road trips or just keep them tucked in your purse all summer long.

9. Bug Bite Thing

This is a suction tool that everyone needs to keep in their travel kit and first aid kit. It is best used immediately after a bug bite to extract insect and saliva venom from under the skin to alleviate the itching, stinging, and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. The Bug Bite Thing is reusable, doesn’t use any chemicals, and is perfect for use on kids.

10. Lip Emergency Rescue Kit

If there is one product you should always travel with it is lip balm. Dehydration is always a factor and it usually results in dry, chapped lips. Walton Wood Farm’s Lip Emergency Rescue Kit will easily pop into your pocket or purse and offers four lip balm varieties. These lip balms are 100% natural and are made with organic sunflower, olive, and hemp seed oils.

12. Psi Bands

A drug-free option for those who suffer from nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness, these acupressure Psi Bands are stylish and deliver results. They are waterproof and come with a compact case for travel when not in use. They work wonders for kids and are so much easier than trying to give them drugs to combat the effects of nausea.

13. Monos Carryon Pro Plus

On the ultimate quest to find the perfect carry-on roller luggage, we found the Monos Carryon Pro Plus. There are three basic requirements that we have for our travel luggage: an unbreakable but light outer shell, sturdy telescopic handles, and wheels that perform without slowing us down.

The built-in front compartment is ideal for not bearing the weight of a laptop in your shoulder bag and the carry-on Pro Plus is roomy for a carry-on bag thanks to the compression pad. If you are traveling on smaller aircraft, you may want to stick with the Monos Carryon Pro size but if you are looking for a carry-on bag for larger aircraft or road trips, the Pro Plus is ideal.

The lifetime warranty on Monos luggage is exceptional and well worth the investment in this luggage brand.

Our favorite part of this bag is how organized it is, meaning you won’t have to dig around endlessly looking for what you need. Check out this extensive review on Nomad Lane’s Bento Bag and learn about all the amazing features that you won’t want to travel without.

15. Monos Compression Packing Cubes


You may find it easier to compress your clothing by folding it instead of using the rolling technique. The packing cubes make it easy to transfer directly to the dresser at your hotel or any other accommodation without having to take everything out. 


16. SuitedNomad Compression Packing Cubes

If you are looking for lightweight packing cubes to organize in your luggage, SuitedNomad’s Compression Packing Cubes are an important travel accessory. These packing cubes are incredibly lightweight, made of water-resistant nylon, and come in a variety of colors if you like having a different color for each family member.

The rubber, nonslip pads are genius and this toiletry case will make any man feel like a gentleman. Galen Leather is a family-owned company based in Istanbul, Turkey, and also makes beautifully crafted stationery products.


18. Electronics Organizer

19. Clipa Bag Hanger

20. Fieldsheer Bluetooth Warming & Cooling Clothing

Truly one of the coolest products we tested was Fieldsheer’s Bluetooth warming and cooling line of clothing. The Women’s Backcountry Heated Vest should be part of everyone’s travel staples. The small 7.4-volt battery fits sleekly into one of the pockets while the two heat zones in the chest and back give that added warmth when you need it.

Fieldsheer’s line of cooling products surprised us by just how much we enjoyed wearing them. Fieldsheer’s clothing offers sun protection and keeps your body 7 degrees cooler and 4x drier than traditional clothing. The cooling hoodie and tank top are perfect for those hot destinations or if you are working out.

We found that the cooling hoodie whisked away sweat and didn’t leave us with the post-sweat chills we normally experience after working out. Not only do they help you remain cool but you will look stylish in them too.

21. Ridge Merino Clothing

The majority of your travel clothing should consist of Merino wool-based products because there are so many advantages. If you haven’t yet discovered Merino wool clothing, it boasts antimicrobial properties that reduce odor retention in the fabric. This means you can wear the clothing for many days, reducing the items you need to pack.

The Ridge Merino Natural Pullover Hoodie has a nice slim length, thumbholes to keep wrists warm, and an attractive hoodie style complete with flat front pockets. Ridge Merino’s natural eco-friendly blend of Merino Wool and Tencel makes these perfect for travel. We tested the Ridge Merino hoodie on a long-haul flight from the west coast to Europe and it kept our temperature regulated but most importantly, it was so comfortable to wear on the plane.

22. Vim & Vigr Stylish Compression Socks

Compression socks can be so useful at increasing blood flow when we travel on long flights and now you can look stylish wearing them too. Vim & Vigr offers fun prints and vibrant solids in a variety of fabrics like merino wool, nylon, and cotton.

Compression socks increase blood flow and oxygen delivery while minimizing muscle fatigue. Not only should you wear compression socks during flights, but they are also best on days when you are out walking and exploring all day. Legs will feel more energized after long travel days and you will look pretty darn good in these stylish patterns!

23. Flylow Face Mask with Ionic+

We have been on a mission to find the perfect face mask for travel for the last two years and we have found it. The Flylow face mask is constructed with Ionic+, an EPA-registered antimicrobial that releases silver ions from the fabric in the presence of moisture to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

We all know how dirty reusable face masks can get and we were thrilled to discover that Noble Biomaterials had partnered with Flylow to create these fantastic face masks. Ionic+ has become widely adopted in the outdoor, sport, and athleisure markets, while its proliferation continues in healthcare and medical applications.

The face masks are comfortable with adjustable ear straps and are now a staple on our travel gear must-have list.

24. Waka Coffee

One travel product to have on hand is Waka Coffee’s freeze-dried instant coffee packs. It tastes just like freshly brewed coffee and you only need to add hot water which makes it an ideal travel product to pack, especially on long-haul flights. If you love the taste of coffee but can’t always handle the caffeine, we are pleased to report that Waka’s decaf coffee packs taste incredible.

It is no surprise that Waka Coffee has a long list of testimonials from the biggest names like Us Weekly, Forbes, The New York Times, Esquire, and many, many more.

Not only does the coffee taste great but the company donates a portion of its proceeds to charity as a part of its “add water, give water” initiative.

25. Water-to-Go Purifier Bottle

We all know that we need to drink more water when we travel. Carrying a reusable water bottle is probably one of the simplest, but most important travel accessories. Water-to-Go Purifier Bottle means that one 26 oz filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles. So no matter where you are in the water, this water bottle will remove all the contaminants found in unfamiliar drinking water that could make you sick.

Water-to-Go removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic), and microplastics. If there is something unsafe in your drinking water, Water-to-Go likely removes it. One feature that we love is these water bottles are recyclable and the filter is compostable.

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