Twitter Is Losing Their Minds Over This Ridiculous Floor Plan

Tweeter @RareOats shared an image with one of the craziest floor plans: “Someone shared this on a bad architecture FB group, and it’s making me a little nuts.” The internet studied it, and here are some of the best responses.

The Floor Plan

Tweeter @RichardLyonn stated, “Highly customized.” $949,068 (That $68). The only bedroom with an en suite has no windows, and they have a dog in it.”

The Initial Responses

Tweeter @ItsPapaJefe noted, “One has to walk thru his whole house to get to the bedroom. It is like a Zelda dungeon.”

Another user, @percyjourno, asked, “Why is the laundry room next to the kitchen? Why is the bonus room hidden away behind laundry and a bathroom?”


The original poster (OP) added, “I thought my favorite part was ‘attached garage’ with no direct entry to the house or ‘middle bedroom fire hazard.” But I’m also a big fan of ‘sink that kinda blocks’ the door.”

Tweeter @IsabelAphrael responded, “Oh good, because otherwise three people are trapped in their bedrooms whenever someone is taking a bath.”

Tweeter @TwoFacedJohnMcC asked, “So, say I’m in the Primary Bedroom, and I want to leave the house: I have to hope nobody in the other three bedrooms is using the bathroom at that very moment, go through the Bonus Room, the Laundry Room, the Kitchen, the Dining Room, the Living Room, just to go out the front door?”

Tweeter @richterscale shared, “A single stuck container ship could shut down travel between the two halves of the house for weeks.”

Tweeter @ledvinam shared, “There are what appears to be 15-20 sets of blueprints in the “Bonus Room” it looks like someone is not trying to make the same mistake again.”

Tweeter ᴊᴇꜱꜱꜱꜱꜱꜱꜱꜱ shared, “My architect friend and I redid the entire floorplan out of frustration. His is; first, mine is second. We had very similar layouts but worked on our own.”

The Rebuttal

Tweeter @joeldanto announced, “Hello @RareOats, owner of @theluxurylevel here. I’d like to make it known that this ‘missing doorway’ was corrected by our team and given to the client over a year ago.”

He elaborated, “They uploaded an old version to the internet and did not update it. You can see the corrected version here.”

Tweeter @joeldanto added, “I’d also like to make it known that we see floorplans worse than this all the time. TBH, this floorplan is actually not as crazy as Twitter is making it out to be.”

He continued, “Mistakes in drafting happen, and we always do our best to correct them – sorry to disappoint everyone, a door exists!”

Closing Arguments

Tweeter @hoyty stated, “You still have to go through a double-sided bathroom or laundry room to get to a bedroom and bonus room.”

Tweeter @radsonot stated, “Please revise one of the bedrooms to a den while you’re at it. In most states, to legally be a bedroom, you have to have a window within a certain measurement.”

Tweeter @Ki_fun_thoughts commented, “I was so hoping you were an architect, and then I was just going to have your AIA pulled. ‘Not as crazy as Twitter is making it out to be.’ Yeah, it REALLY is. Like literally, someone will die because of this design one day. This is not about just one door.”

Tweeter @CvilleCyber said, “Please share the houses that are somehow worse!”

Tweeter @FShoggoth stated, “Wait, there is worse.”

Tweeter @KnsfwY2 joked, “That’s not a house. It’s a furnished fire escape.”


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