Twitter Reacts to Amber Heard Controversially Being “Fired” From Aquaman 2

Even though the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial is over, the negative repercussions are just beginning for the now-former Aquaman star. Besides the jury awarding Depp $15 million in compensation and punitive damage and Heard $2 million in damages Heard has been fired and lost her scenes for her role as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

A writer from Geeks Worldwide, KC Walsh, claims with a tweet that Amber Heard’s scenes as Mera will be deleted from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This decision allegedly coming after a meeting between Warner Bros. executives. Walsh further alleges Heard’s character Mera may die during childbirth at the beginning of the film.

Some are saddened by the verdict while others rejoice. Both celebrities in the trial have created a massive following of choosing #JusticeForJohnny or #IStandWithAmber. Twitter users had some controversial comments and shade to throw at both Depp and Heard.

One user said Amber showed “strength, perseverance and dignity” during the trial.

Another user opined that “she’s someone who weaponized the #MeToo movement for her own gain…”

Topaz said, “Amber Heard hasn’t done a single thing to help any woman besides herself.”

Yet another user is frustrated with the believe all women rhetoric. She says “…it is a wake-up call to stop believing someone based on their gender only..”

A Kentucky trial lawyer who had been covering the trial events closely said he had learned a new term “Toxic Feminity.”

With support pouring in from both sides after the final gavel the large media organizations still seem to be wanting to tell only of how unfair the trial was. A popular Youtube channel Popcorned Planet responded “Mainstream Media TERRIFIED! Now Blaming US For Amber Heard LOSING to Johnny Depp!?”

With this trial now over and the verdict in there is already buzz that Heard will be filing an appeal to her defeat. As the events unfold it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

After the dust settles the real question is are you #TeamAmber or #TeamJohnny?

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