Which Popular Hobby Store Franchise Has the Best Buys?

With inflation rising, teachers, parents, and retired hobby seekers struggle to find affordable hobby supplies. Four popular hobby shop franchises exist within the U.S., which have their pros and cons by comparison. However, only one hobby shop remains a reliable option for saving customers the most cash during hard times.

Hobby Lobby

Whether in-store or online at hobbylobby.com, Hobby Lobby offers a weekly ad consisting of all items currently on sale and their discount deals. Hobby Lobby has also developed a mobile app. The app includes a store locator, customer gift card balance, and, of course, their weekly ad.

However, compared to HobbyTown USA, Joann, and Michaels, Hobby Lobby does not bring much to the table on members’ exclusive deals and special discounts or coupons. Coupons are through third-party websites such as couponcabin.com and are not offered directly on the site or in the app, making finding extra savings inconvenient.

Compared to the other shops by price, even though Hobby Lobby is immense and has an overwhelming variety, it is still the priciest option. Upon looking for rare items, Hobby Lobby is a great choice. This shop is most likely to have what any customer wants in terms of variety. However, it is wise to avoid shopping here during inflation or on a tight budget.


Joann offers the most deals, discounts, and savings options compared to the other three shops. On Joann.com, customers will find a good 20% off their first order, whether ordering online, in-store, or on the mobile app. Shipping for any order is only $1.99. Coupons and promo codes are also on Joann.com; no sign up required.

They also stream free hobby classes on their mobile app and accept competitors’ coupons in any store if this is not enough. Upon becoming a member, customers will receive Joann Smile Rewards, which offers birthday rewards and available bonus discount days.

For teachers or parents of multiple children, Joann+ is a great choice. This deal allows customers to buy products in bulk at a discounted price. In addition, Joann+ offers tax-free, 15% off savings on every purchase for businesses, charitable organizations, and other qualifying entities.

Other 15% off discounts on any sale go to military veterans, girl scouts, and 4-H members. Any customer can sign up for a 4-H membership, a discount program that donates to kids’ clubs and activities.

On Joann’s app, any customer can find coupons, a discount calendar for more savings, how-to project videos, Joann’s weekly ad, and other exclusive deals. The prices are only second-best on the list, but the deals indeed make up for it.

HobbyTown USA

HobbyTown USA has many downfalls. This franchise is only starting and cannot be found in every state in the U.S. With only 100 + stores in 35 states; therefore, they are not the most convenient option for all potential customers.

On top of that, this shop has proven to be the most expensive as far as price. It does have perks for in-store events and third-party promotional options, but deals are minimal. There is no mobile app, but a newsletter is available upon signing up with exclusive deals.

There are no available weekly ads or guaranteed products on sale on hobbytown.com. This shop is not for customers who wish to save money.


Michaels has reached the top of the list. Multiple deals can be found online, in-store, and on the mobile app. Promo codes and weekly coupons are available on the app and on michaels.com.

New members earn $5 in rewards upon signing up with any purchase of $25+. Curbside and in-store pick-up is free. Any member receives a free $5 reward voucher every time the rewards balance is $5+. Customers also receive birthday rewards and receipt-free returns for unwanted items.

On the Michaels mobile app, any customer can discover weekly savings, get coupons, access crafting ideas, add to their shopping list, purchase products, and access promo codes, exclusive deals, classes, and events. As far as price, Michaels has all the other hobby shops beat – especially for those on a budget.


For the most deals, Joann is the place to shop, but for the lowest prices overall, Michaels ranks highest on the list. Michaels offers every customer exclusive deals on top of already low prices. Hobby Lobby is a great place to go for variety.

Here, any customer is guaranteed to find what they are searching for, though prices are not the best. HobbyTown USA needs the most improvement on price and store location and ranks lowest on the list. HobbyTown USA is a great place to shop, but not the greatest during inflation or while on a budget.

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